Monday, April 9, 2018

Multilevel Marketing Business Success

I love Network Marketing opportunity otherwise called MLM. However, this business model is one of the best business opportunity model in the world.

There is however a Caveat: MLM business is not for the faint-hearted. It is not a get-rich quick opportunity. It has a learning curve also. However, with patience, doggedness, determination and strong desire, success is sure.

Multi-level marketing business is also a way to benefit from residual income for life if properly done.
Are you interested in MLM business? There are other ways and platforms that can shorten your success route.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Joblessness, Job Scarcity and Network Marketing

Job security is becoming a mirage in the world. This problem is even more pronounced in the third world countries like in Africa. Network Marketing business model had been described as the business of the 21st Century. This is a business model to seriously looked into because of the awesome rewards if properly followed and done. However, you need to do your due deligence before entering into the world of Network Marketing by searching for the right company with the right products and the benefit of having the right compensation plan that are distributor-friendly. In addition to the above attributes, one other element to consider in joining the right Network Marketing or Direct Marketing company is the ability of the company to be able to provide education to members for growth and sustainance.

I desire a job that is secure and so cool
Having finished many years at the school
Looking forward to become an employee
After many years to earn my precious degree.

Alas! The youths are very jobless in my country
I realized there is job scarcity everywhere in the cities
Joblessness I detest, Job scarcity abound everywhere
Show me the next route to the land of the wealthy.

The government people are warning us everyday
That we should not expect white collar job along the way
The little available openings are keenly contested for
And those in the system are afraid of retirement date.                              

Where is the route to the land of the wealthy?
Someone asked me to go the route of the Healthy
That Health and Wealth business is wealth enriched
If I can do the business of duplication and leverage indeed.

Can you show me more on this business option?
I was told to listen to the business proposal
As explained by Alliance In Motion Global
The business of the 21st Century is Network Marketing.

Sunday, December 6, 2015



Great MLM Company ........................... Yes
Great Power ............................................Yes
Great Products .........................................Yes
Wonderful Leaders...................................Yes
Marvelous Trainers....................... ...........Yes
Unrivalled Compensation Plan.................Yes
Unmatched Emancipation Programme.....Yes
Revolutionary Product Performance........Yes
Highly Potent Food Supplements............  Yes

Show me the way to Home of AIM Global...
Take a Trip to Asia
Make a journey to the Philippines
Relax a little in the USA
"Trust the Leaf"at Nature"s Way
Then you are in the midst of Alliance
Great Alliance,  blessing to the World

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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It is the time of rain again,
We were hopeful of nature’s reign
We have been expecting the end of heat
Especially in our abode without frequent electricity.

Now I am happy the rain is coming
I feel its arrival and the preparations from the sky
I know the end to unending heat is at hand
I look forward to the gentle rain of nature.

Alas! the rain decided to arrive
But with a furious anger against my expectations
I thought I will have a gentle sleep as it comes
I laid awake asking for God’s help to mitigate the damage.

My house is flooded neat and simple
My fence has fallen flat on its belly
My uncompleted building was bamboozled with debris
Angry rain came with a tormenting wind to my home.

God of Nature, please be gentle with us
Rain we want, storm we abhor
Breeze we desire, angry wind we detest
Strong winds go away fast and fast
Gentle rains come to us, this we want,
My home is flooded, my wall has fallen
Angry rain, depart from our community for ever.  

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Friday, April 24, 2015


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Gently the rain started with ease
Gradually the rain became angry
Step by step the rain shouted its arrival
On his right hand a companion of angry winds.

A torrential downpour of just fifty minutes
The foundation of my house was much shaken
At a stage I shouted ‘Blood of Jesus’
Pleading with angry nature, not to carry my house away.

It looks the elements heard my prayers,
The rain stopped for a little period of time
I then stepped outside and felt an open space
My fence had fallen, my home was flooded.

Who will help me build my wall?
If I am a politician, I will ask for help
Friends of politics would have lined my pockets
I would have plenty of money to replace and rebuild.
Alas! I am not a politician hence no political donations.

Who will help me build my home?
If I were to be a royal I would have shouted
The subjects would have responded with passion
To build a new home of better beauty
Alas! I am not a royal and have no subjects

Who will help me build my fallen wall?
When I am an ordinary citizen of my nation
Who do I turn to for help? Where do I look for assistance?
…..the heavens for hope of glory
The unseen hands that brought the rains
The unseen power that heralded nature’s arrival

The great one that created the wind
The gentle breeze and the angry winds
The creator of the angry waters and the simple streams
Unto Him I will call for help
To help raise back my fallen walls
That was damaged by the angry waters and strange winds.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015


Innocent looking and fearful in hearts
Our girls found themselves in the den of the heartless
They came to their lovely citadel of knowledge
With a mission sinister to acknowledge
The youths in their hundreds were attacked
In fears they acknowledged the realities attached.

Bring Back our Girls Alive
They are not criminals around
Innocent girls in search of education and wisdom
Innocent youths with hopes and aspirations of greatness
Please take note that our girls are sacred
Don’t defile the sacredness of God’s creation.

Bring Back Our Girls Alive
Boko Haram even if you have a grudge
Not against innocent souls being kidnapped
Not against peasant countrymen and women of our nation
Not against the common man living in penury
Not supposed to be against your fellow countrymen.

Bring Back Our Girls –Alive!
God is great enough to fight for Himself
Don’t fight on behalf of God
He is capable to do His own thing
Or are you fighting for something else?
Your way is deviating from God’s sympathizers.

Bring Back Our Girls – Alive!
Our appeal requires a quick response.

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Friday, April 10, 2015


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The call came through my phone
The voice…my friend’s wife
Sobbing and weeping over the cellular
“Our home has been destroyed by storm”

I replied I will visit very later
But now, I’m busy licking my own wounds
As the storm had been my guests too
And my compound a debris of a hill.

Later, I visited and my mouth was opened uncovered
Shock of devastation, mountain of debris
This calamity surpasses mine over and over
This storm carried away his roof to unknown village.

As my friend was licking his wounds
Wondering where to start again without a job
Savings of many years to erect a structure
Now laid flat on its belly to its foundations.

Then we noticed a procession passing off the street
Coming from the cemetery to plant human bodies
The victims of the rampaging storm of the day
My friend and I started thanking God for His grace.

If there is life there is a sure hope
We thank God for his mercies above
At least we lost property not our souls
We will bounce back sooner or later we’re full of hope. 
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