Thursday, April 16, 2015


Innocent looking and fearful in hearts
Our girls found themselves in the den of the heartless
They came to their lovely citadel of knowledge
With a mission sinister to acknowledge
The youths in their hundreds were attacked
In fears they acknowledged the realities attached.

Bring Back our Girls Alive
They are not criminals around
Innocent girls in search of education and wisdom
Innocent youths with hopes and aspirations of greatness
Please take note that our girls are sacred
Don’t defile the sacredness of God’s creation.

Bring Back Our Girls Alive
Boko Haram even if you have a grudge
Not against innocent souls being kidnapped
Not against peasant countrymen and women of our nation
Not against the common man living in penury
Not supposed to be against your fellow countrymen.

Bring Back Our Girls –Alive!
God is great enough to fight for Himself
Don’t fight on behalf of God
He is capable to do His own thing
Or are you fighting for something else?
Your way is deviating from God’s sympathizers.

Bring Back Our Girls – Alive!
Our appeal requires a quick response.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Now they come back to us abegging
Our political masters are pleading
They want our votes now again
Yet we are considering our pains and gains.

Our politicians are begging for our votes
We are jotting down promises in our notes
We remember the plenty promises of old
We are tired of hoping for elusive eldorados.

We opened the newspapers for their offers
Instead we were bombarded with their daggers
Abusive pages full of character assasinations
Our politicians putting tension on our nation.

Regional warlords are having a field day
Promising Ammagadon if the King is dethroned
Yet a part of the estate in the upside part is getting decayed
By the terror merchant using the name of God.

Our politicians are begging for our votes
Our votes are clamouring for justice
Our hopes are asking for equity
Let us rebuild this falling home with our votes.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Cool rains, gentle breeze
Torrential rains, harbingers of storm,
One is loved, the other is feared
Raining season has come with both gifts of nature.

We love the coolness, we detest the fiery elements
The one we love we miss, the one we hate we got
How come these damages heralding the rain season?
God of Nature, calm your angers and give us cool and gentle rain.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Welcome dear angry waters
What offense did we commit that so matter?
Your unending pouring has flooded our abodes
Torrents of angry waters, please sheathe your sword.

We are pleading for your mercy angry waters
Our governments are busy lining their pockets
If you wage war on us we may suffer
Angry rain, please damage our homes no more.

Welcome rain season of great expectations
Let the furious winds and angry waters stay above
Their services are no longer required below
Torrents of angry waters stay away from our abodes.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Stormy Rain ravaged most parts of Ibadan the capital of Oyo State-Nigeria on Sunday 17th February, 2013. Devastation unlimited in the history of the city.

Nature's Fury, Heralding New Rain Season.

Angry wind tornadoed my compound,
Elements at its worst best
Merciless rain damaged my home
Nature’s anger, heralding new raining season.

It started as a gentle breeze
Gradually the tempo fast forwarded
The nature we were very hopeful of,
To end the daily heat and draw the night’s coolness
Unknown to us the damages to come
Angry wind marrying a merciless rain
Turned our compounds to heaps of debris.

Oh Lord! Why is it now?
My fence, swept off in a jiffy
My work-in-progress house, hit badly
My poultry shed…damaged beyond repairs
My garden of Moringa and pawpaw
Bowed perennially on their bellies for nature.

It is raining season, welcome nature’s rain
Don’t come again with a fury wind to my home
I love your gentle breeze
Not the turbulent fiery wind,
We cherish your cooling soothes
Not the angry flood of water
Nature’s anger, depart from our abodes. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hellish Living In Nigeria?

I want to share an opinion today on my observation about an article I read today in The Nation newspaper columnist section by Gbenga Omotoso. It was titled 'A Hell of a Country'. article enumerated lot of present day challenges being faced by Nigerians. He surmised that all these problems make living in Nigeria look like living in hell. Is it the flood problem, kidnappings, armed robberies, lack of standard hospitals that make our leaders run to abroad for treatments, corruption everywhere, and the father of all, Boko Haram insurgencies?

He opined that Nigerians are living as if in hell. The article made me laugh myself out because of the contribution the great columnist said he received as feedback from one of his respondents describing Nigerians as living like in hell in a most hilarious and jocular manner. I like to quote the response below:

“Three former leaders – from UK, US and Nigeria – went to hell. The first asked the devil to allow him make a call to London to inquire about the country’s welfare. He spent five minutes on the telephone. Satan billed him $5million. The ex-US leader also made a call and spent eight minutes. The bill: $8million.“Then, the ex-Nigerian leader called Abuja. He spent two hours. ‘How much be my bill?’ he asked Satan. ‘$1,’ he replied. Surprised, the former leader said: ‘But I stayed longer than them.’ Satan smiled, saying: ‘Calling hell from hell is not expensive; it’s a local call.’”

Are we really living in hell in Nigeria? If we take note of the levels of corruption, wanton killings, suicide bombings, unemployment, agitations among different ethnic nationalities, and various other myriads of challenges facing us as a nation, coupled with the poverty level in the country while the political class swim in unfathomable richness, one tends to agree that majority of Nigerians are living in hell.

However, I believe we have cause to be positive minded and hopeful. Moreover, I believe that the current travails are not peculiar to us alone and many countries that we envy today had journeyed along such path one time or the other in their past history. In addition, I think we are better off in democracy than the dark days of military incursions into our life.

Democratic practice will continue to flourish as we gradually relinquish the military mentality unleashed on the nation as a result of the long military rule. I think we are getting better as a nation. I am not living in hell. I live in Nigeria.  Today's  living may be alien to paradise type and close to hellish living, yet it is a clarion call on all of us to make a positive change on our nation. If we decide to chase off hellish living, we can do it.

This is my opinion. Readers comments and contributions are welcome.   

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Local Tsunami, Angry Flood Ravaging Our Abode.

It is no more news that many states in Nigeria were recently ravaged with flood. Many families lost their homes and property. Thousands are now homeless and taking shelter in make-shift school buildings. From the hinterland of Delta, oil fields of Bayelsa, to the North-bound lands of Kogi, and Adamawa, nature's angry flood devastation know no bounds.  Anambra, Edo, Oyo, Rivers, including Lagos and Benue states had received their shares of the misfortunes of angry waters at different periods of our recent pasts. Lives have been lost and properties damaged. What shall we do? This is our own portion of local Tsunami. May the Lord of the Universe deliver us from the perils of angry flood. May the Lord of Nature control the torrential rain discharge on our environment, may our neighboring countries  Dam controllers understand what they are doing, may our leaders have the courage to do the right thing to control our environment, may our people have enough understanding to ensure drainage are not blocked with our waste products. May the good Lord comfort the families of those that lost loved ones and properties during various flood incidents in our nation.     


What shall we call this harbinger of sorrow?
This raining season that rains without reason
This torrential rains that refused to stop on time
Until the banks of rivers around got overloads
Until the canals debris were pumped into the surface of our abodes.

Rushing waters, angry floods had taken over our home
Our rooftop was leveled with the surface of the water
And the result is the calamities untold of sorrows
This angry waters has taken over our lives
Now we live like the nomads away from home.

Angry flood is ravaging our homes
Now, no home to call our own
This local Tsunami is a drain on our hopes
This strange water is a curse on our expectations
Angry flood, please depart from our nation.