Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Local Tsunami, Angry Flood Ravaging Our Abode.

It is no more news that many states in Nigeria were recently ravaged with flood. Many families lost their homes and property. Thousands are now homeless and taking shelter in make-shift school buildings. From the hinterland of Delta, oil fields of Bayelsa, to the North-bound lands of Kogi, and Adamawa, nature's angry flood devastation know no bounds.  Anambra, Edo, Oyo, Rivers, including Lagos and Benue states had received their shares of the misfortunes of angry waters at different periods of our recent pasts. Lives have been lost and properties damaged. What shall we do? This is our own portion of local Tsunami. May the Lord of the Universe deliver us from the perils of angry flood. May the Lord of Nature control the torrential rain discharge on our environment, may our neighboring countries  Dam controllers understand what they are doing, may our leaders have the courage to do the right thing to control our environment, may our people have enough understanding to ensure drainage are not blocked with our waste products. May the good Lord comfort the families of those that lost loved ones and properties during various flood incidents in our nation.     


What shall we call this harbinger of sorrow?
This raining season that rains without reason
This torrential rains that refused to stop on time
Until the banks of rivers around got overloads
Until the canals debris were pumped into the surface of our abodes.

Rushing waters, angry floods had taken over our home
Our rooftop was leveled with the surface of the water
And the result is the calamities untold of sorrows
This angry waters has taken over our lives
Now we live like the nomads away from home.

Angry flood is ravaging our homes
Now, no home to call our own
This local Tsunami is a drain on our hopes
This strange water is a curse on our expectations
Angry flood, please depart from our nation.



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